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Claiming benefits, Department of Work & Pensions, Work Capability Assessments, Politics, Social isolation, Carer management, Loneliness, Relationships, etc

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Andy Wright, channel and site founder

Andy Wright

The creation of the channel and website was the brainchild of Andy, who wished to assist other people with similar issues, to find information and obtain advice. 

In searching for similar channels, he saw they were far and few between. Yes, specialist ones catering for specific conditions were in abundance, but nothing for everyone.  Plus, he wished to offer it as a meeting point for like-minded people, who would not make judgements about other's disabilities.  To this end, the Youtube channel was started. This website is the next step in the evolution.

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For all NON-PATREON bookings, I am offering £10 off the standard price for a limited time.  So, if you book before 31st December 2023, you'll be refunded £10 via Paypal (the payment method used).  Please note, this refund is made AFTER the actual booking has completed (e.g. you need to pay the advertised price when booking).  Please also read the T&C's on the booking page.

Book a 1-2-1 appointment with me, meeting via Jitsi, to discuss any subject!
(benefits, relationships, exercise, health, utility bills, etc)
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