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Where it all began, approximately 2017 when the new channel took off.  It was started shortly after the Travel Channel, which was stalling in growth due to suffering abuse from trolls and other creators with grudges. 

The new channel was an outlet for new material not suitable for the original channel, but nevertheless important, and  the support grew for it. In record time, Youtube Partner Program status was achieved.  As of May 2022 it is just short of 2,200 subscribers.  In comparison, the travel channel has been at a similar 1,950 level for around 18 months, despite an 18 month head start.

Contents of the channel focused on subjects appropriate and interesting to disabled people, but is open to anyone.  Regular live streams allow participation in the shows and of late, a new phone in show has meant regular participation by people who would otherwise have no outlet.

Very few other channels cater for the needs of the audience that frequents Talking Really, although there are a number of "disability" self help channels.

In 2020, in light of censorship by the platform and based on previous experiences of what happens when "haters" gang up, the prospect of temporary ban or permanent removal of the entire channel is always hanging over it, saw the duplication (mirroring) to other platforms: Rumble, Bitchute and Odysee.

During 2022 BNT became untenable due to management issues and support of the platform.  It was decided to open up a new platform called Ourtube.  This is an uncensored platform similar in use to Youtube from the 1990's.

In effect, the uncensored platforms have allowed the subject matter to expand to include political and world events that are banned on Youtube and Facebook.

Show Schedules for fixed output (livestreams and videos)

  1. 16:00 Sunday Live Streams These shows have been going since the beginning, although switching from Travel Channel output happened sometime in 2018 with the Travel show moving to Wednesdays at 18:00 
  2. 19:00 Friday Phone In  The show gives you the chance to talk about anything, live on air - although consideration must be given for the platform and potential censorship. *returning 2022 on Ourtube
  3. Regular Videos There are numerous videos uploaded during the week, depending upon the world news or subject matter.
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