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A friendly ear or advice on any subject, for example: benefits, self employment, personal safety, health, exercise, video making, disability travel, stepping out of the system (utility bills), etc


The new service is PICKTIME, which appears more reliable than the previous Calendly.

New booking system using Picktime:

>Choose the appropriate section: member or non-member *
>Choose the length of time you need, click the button
> In Picktime (window) select the date and time
> Complete Paypal payment
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30 Minute 1-2-1
  • Jitsi based meeting
  • For simpler issues or brief discussions
  • Advice, Guidance or just a chat
  • Most subjects can be discussed (contact if not sure)
  • e.g. Benefits, exercise, health, etc
  • £20 per session (non-members)

60 Minute 1-2-1

Jitsi based meeting
For more complex issues requiring more time
Advice on cancelling Utilities
Advice, Guidance or just a chat
Most subjects can be discussed (contact if not sure)
£25 per session (non members)

Useful FAQ

if the answer is not here, please ask!

During my time with Shaw Trust, as an employment advisor, I took a City and Guilds qualification in Advice and Guidance.  Subsequently, while running the Youtube channels, I have researched subjects such as benefits.  I am also a trainer of various subjects, including Qigong exercise.  In my youth I studied certified health modalities, such as reflexology, shiatsu, reiki, acupressure, etc, but while I did not specialise in any of them except qigong, the knowledge gained was extremely useful.  Since then, I have gained personal experience of stepping out of the system, by removing my liabilities to pay the fraudulent billing agents.

I make NO promises to be able to fix any issues, simply because a lot of them will depend upon circumstances and current position (created by prior actions), however the wealth of knowledge I have may be enough to trigger changes.  Problems generally require logical thinking and step by step processing, something that an independent person can utilise by offering alternative solutions gained by breaking down the issue into digestible pieces.

Possibly, but it is entirely dependent on the complexity of the issues, the ability of the person to follow the guidelines offered, and suchlike.  The costs of each meeting has been kept reasonable, after all I need to earn to pay my bills.  An energy exchange such as a financial transfer like this, also makes the process fairer and valued.

Most people "in the system" are fearful of consequence and therefore focus more on what may go wrong, rather than the desired outcome.  I am always a great motivator, but the processes need to be done by you; it is impossible for me to solve your issues for you - I can give advice, inform and provide information, but at the end of the day, I can only empower you to complete the tasks.  Removing consequences is your first step to removing fear; once you have done that, the rest is a breeze.  The only thing I request is that, any advice/steps/processes I tell you about, must be followed exactly.  If things arise, they should be highlighted to me, for advice.  Stepping out of the system is not for everyone and many will fail.  I offer NO guarantee of success, even when following the steps/procedures.  The system is rigged to fraudulently keep you, a cash-cow, enslaved.  But, once you understand the end goal, the steps to achieving enlightenment are obvious.

Of course.  I can chat about most things.  I would say it is possibly better to have some goal, or else the time may not be well used.

I am not mercenary but I am offering my "time" and "experience" so it is only fair for the transfer of "energy" to be part of it, to seal the deal. The usual process (for example, if you went shopping or took a massage) is the payment of legal tender. But, if you genuinely cannot afford to pay the full price, please don't let that put you off.  I do this job to give back, pay it forward, to help people who are in need.  I need to earn money to pay my bills, eat food, etc, and there is an ancient wisdom in "valuing" the service (e.g. people don't value free stuff in the same way as something purchased).  As an aside, once the initial meeting is over, I generally follow up with "free" bits and pieces, documents, letters, etc.  

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