Ways to Support the Channel

There are many ways to support the channel besides it costing hard cash, for example making sure you "click" thumbs up on a video or livestream.


This is a great system of supporting channels, independent of the platform.  In this case the advertising slogan is about the cost of membership being "one cup of Costa Coffee" per month!  


Making a one-off donation or a regular one is easy and safe with Paypal.  You have knowledge that your donation is safe and secure.  The merchandise check out uses Paypal.

Youtube Member Program

Youtube, cashing in on the Patreon idea of memberships, this system gives monthly members the opportunity to be recognised with an icon on comments and live streams, plus various unique emojis to include in comments that are not available to anyone else.  The Talking Really YMP has one pricing level at present.

Youtube SuperChat

When on a Live Stream, the commentary box has a small "dollar" sign icon, which allows you to give a donation via Youtube.  The system is set and controlled by Youtube and available during streaming.

You can support the channel by subscribing to the TR Members' Area, which is a small monthly payment via Paypal. Starting at £3 per month, click to signup and support the channel and website.

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